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 What is Weaving Women?


"I see Weaving Women's role as a weaver of dreams and communities around the world, re·initiating love, medicine, empowerment, and leadership into the hearts of the forgotten."  ~Adriana Ayales

WeavingWomen.org grew out of a connection. To the Earth, to Art, and to the hearts of Women Weavers. Inspired by an all women's weaving co·op, and their dedication to gain economic empowerment through the use of Mayan weaving techniques with plant & vegetable dyes, WeavingWomen.org connects these sacred weavings with a larger community.  Not only does this contribute to the weavers' goals of  better education  and life opportunities for their families, it is supporting a tradition of  making things  by hand that is quickly becoming endangered

The weavings are filled with deep medicine and meaning: they remind us where our clothes come from, and ultimately, where we come from. Oftentimes stories, prayers, and visions are woven into the fabrics. The textiles featured with WeavingWomen.org are an offering to those who resonate with this medicine.

Dedicated to the education and preservation of the practices of indigenous weavers around the world, WeavingWomen.org seeks to share the native wisdom through photography, storytelling, education, and indigenous craft.

If you would like to be involved in this growing movement,

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